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SHS's Child Nutrition Program

The CNP Crew
The CNP Crew

The Child Nutrition Program

Breakfast and lunch will be served in ALL elementary and secondary schools. Free and reduced price meals will be available for qualifying students in accordance with the policy adoped by the Board of Education and regulations of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Cashiers will accept payment by the day, week, month, or semester. Parents may select the most suitable method of payment. 


                             Breakfast Prices                                            Lunch Prices

                            Student Price $1.50                                       Student Price $2.50

                      Student Reduced Price  $0.30                          Student Reduced Price  $0.40

                           Visiting Adults  $2.50                                     Visiting Adults  $3.50



The Jackson County School District now offers PayPAMS, a Parent Account Management System by PAMS Lunchroom. PayPAMS is a secure, fast and friendly way for parents to check and prepay school meal account balances online or by phone with a credit card or electronic check from the comfort of your home. 

   * Make payments

   * View meal account balances

   * View cafeteria purchases

   * View payment history

   * Setup automatic payment plans

   * Receive email notifications when your student's lunch account balance is low

   * Monitor your child's daily purchase activity

There is no cost to visit the PayPAMS website or monitor your child's account; however, there is a convenience fee per transaction. You may add money to multiple student accounts in a single transaction. 

To begin using PAMS, visit the website

Setting up your personal account is easy:

   > Visit the PayPAMS website.

   > Establish your user information and password.

   > Add your students to your account by choosing Jackson County School District (AL), selecting        

      your child's school/s, and searching for his/her name. 

   > Make a payment, monitor your child's account, or set up payment preferences for future payments.